London sky line in the rain


great photo by max petrossi one of our brilliant event photographers

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Another brilliant photo from our photographer Max Petrossi at The Heron Tower, beautiful sky line defying the damp cold night in London but instead creates colour and atmosphere showing London in its true beauty at night

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She walked around the tree several times, who owned the wooden chairs

english gardensAware of the cool breeze blowing through the trees, Hermione was thinking to herself should she sit on a chair underneath the tree or perhaps go further along the path to see where it would take her. She decided to take the path and came to a beautiful garden, now the problem is there were lots of paths she could take and she just could not make her mind up. Hermione often had this problem, what should she do, what will she do.

Red Riding Hood finds a clearing

Red Riding Hood finds a clearing.

Hermione ran straight along the path until suddenly she came to a clearing , there she saw a really old tree with chairs all around it, it was very strange because suddenly it no longer seemed like Autumn because everything was so green without a hint of brown leaves anyone. Hermione wondered who came and sat on the seats around the tree, did they belong to anyone?

Little Red Riding Hood goes further into the woods

The further Hermione ventured the more inquisitive she became

Why has always been one of her most favoured words. 

The woods were whispering to her, she felt fearful but yet was driven to go deeper and deeper into the woods, she needed to find out what exactly the trees were saying. There were plenty of eyes upon her, her dog did not leave her side.

Eventually she came across a gate and beyond the gate the woods appeared to become lighter, she felt compelled to drag open the rusting gate upon and break another boundary by crossing the line and going through, what was in the apparent clearing? The air was becoming cooler.



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